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The Mighty Atom - VORE! back
If VORE! had a physical release, this is the design that would not be facing you in the record store.

This artwork was all me. On the left we have a severely corrupted digital image, on the right we have the notorious rabies virus, in the center is the skull of a human with hydrocephalus. This image is intended to represent the imperfection found in two opposites - technology and nature - and the thing that bridges them - humanity - which I wasn't actually thinking about when I designed it.

Buy the album here!
And give me a shout if you expected actual vore...
The Mighty Atom - VORE!
Uploaded at long last, here's the artwork for The Mighty Atom's latest album, VORE!

My brother was the main designer of this one, although I had some input. The fellows to the left and right are the famed Davenport Brothers; master illusionists from the 19th century. In this act, they would hold a guitar above a volunteer, which would mysteriously start playing. The brothers claimed it was the work of spirits, but by most accounts, there was somebody playing a guitar backstage.
Give me a shout if you expected actual vore...
AESTHETIC DELUXE is the first full-length album by American vaporwave artist S O L O J A Z Z 1 9 9 8, and a close friend of mine! Although I may have heard the term before, I didn't know what vaporwave was until she explained it to me. As someone always open to trying new things, I of course jumped at the opportunity to design cover art for AESTHETIC DELUXE.
I had never attempted a e s t h e t i c s before, so this piece may or may not conform to what is generally considered a e s t h e t i c. The design is inspired by my love of old Apple hardware (back when we Mac users were hated for being weird instead of hated for being mainstream,) as well as Stereolab. The centerpiece of the design is the folder icon from Macintosh System 7. At the heart is the OS X folder icon which was the standard from 10.0 to 10.4. The iconic 'Happy Mac' smiles down at the folders. A blank CRT screen is blended over the image, to make it look like it's being displayed on a very old computer monitor.

Get and listen to AESTHETIC DELUXE here!
Lizz R - Garden of Shadows
The third full-length Lizz album I've compiled, and likely the last. Listening to these songs was a hugely emotional experience. While the previous two I compiled have a mix of happy and sad songs, with some blurred lines here and there, all the tracks here are low key and melancholy. Several of the songs, those that were originally in Japanese, were translated to English by Lizz herself. She also plays guitar and piano on several tracks.

I spent a long time trying to figure out how I wanted the artwork to look. I originally envisioned a rich, vast landscape, possibly created from CGI. I decided that was too complicated, and settled for something far more modest. I took this picture back in 2011, in the foundation of a building near the Quabbin Reservoir. The overall design was inspired both by Virginia Astley's From Gardens Where We Feel Secure album and Chris Squire's Fish Out of Water album.

Track Listing (all of which can be downloaded for free on Lizz's Youtube Channel in WAV format)
  1. Everything Stays
  2. Answers
  3. His Theme
  4. Ikanaide
  5. Song of Healing
  6. Sally's Song
  7. Meltdown
  8. Four Seasons
  9. Come Little Children
  10. Miraikei Answer
Psycho featuring Zebra - Tori No Uta
Cover art I did for one of my favorite utaite covers; a symphonic metal rendition of Tori no Uta from Air! The music was performed by Psycho with vocals by Zebra. It's quite a stunning track, the aggressive guitar and drums backed by heartbreakingly beautiful strings and piano. Zebra's performance is full of emotion, and he often sounds like he's burst into tears.

I designed the text with progressive rock in mind. It took some time before I was actually satisfied.
The backing image is a composite of two photos taken by me probably a year apart.
Wow. I can't believe how long it's been since I've written one of these! I guess I finally ran out of clever and witty remarks. I feel I'm living in the moment far more than ever before. A side effect of my fast-approaching 20s? Perhaps! Regardless, I'll keep this section brief and go right into the "news."
  • The Mighty Atom are back in the studio! - Well, to say "back" in the studio is inaccurate, as The Mighty Atom lives in it, but there is plenty of new material on the way. In fact, the bands' first new since 2014 is available for download. Upcoming releases include another single, a new studio album, and side projects.
  • I have a new computer. - I recently sent my Macbook Pro in for repairs, leaving me with my reliable, but out-of-date white Macbook. However, Mom remembered we had a relatively new, barely-used Mac mini! We got it hooked up to a big art tablet, a Logitech keyboard (made for a Windows!) and a trusty Logitech mouse. The resulting setup has proven satisfying. Now, with the Pro up and running again, I have three functioning computers! Due to licensing, I cannot run the Adobe creative suite with which create all my album covers, which would have been nice to do on such a large screen. However I can run Logic like never before, making this a worthy successor to the Pro as my primary music computer!
  • Youtaite remix/graphic design work slowing down. - It has by no means ceased completely, but I have been dedicating more time to other more immediate projects. I really want to get some professional design gigs, and Harry can't run The Mighty Atom on his own, much less mix their albums!
  • Chris Squire: 1948-2015. - Many who follow me have probably noticed that I hold the progressive rock band Yes in high regard. In many ways, this was due to their long-serving bassist Chris Squire. From the bands' 1969 eponymous debut, to 2014's Heaven and Earth, he was the only member of the band to appear on every album. I myself discovered him in 2008 through his 1975 solo album "Fish Out Of Water," the cover of which I even made a K-On! based parody of. Since then, he was hugely influential to me as bassist and a musician. In May, I was sad to learn that he had been diagnosed with acute erythroid leukemia, and would be taking leave from Yes. Less than six weeks later, one of my greatest musical heroes was dead. Cancer is a killer, but a human being's legacy can live on for millennia! As a gesture of respect and gratitude, The Mighty Atom's next single, Milky, is to feature a passage which I composed in dedication to Mr. Squire.
  • Everybody can get married now! - Something truly wonderful happened in America, and I'm not just talking about Wilco performing at the Solid Sound festival! I have lots of friends who will be positively affected by this historic decision made by the Supreme Court. As with all things related to the universal concept of love, I have a special song by a special band picked which I dedicate to everyone. Let There be Love!
  • I will resume uploading artwork. - Save for a couple parodies and one original, I've barely put up any art this year! But rest assured that with all the new The Mighty Atom material, there is lots to come!

Thanks to all who follow me and like what I do!


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Hugo Seven
Artist | Hobbyist | Design & Interfaces
United States
Hello fellow Deviants! Welcome to my main page! This is my replacement account to IndestructibleHugo (I never did anything productive with that account and wanted to wipe the slate clean.) I will be doing more with this account!
Outside of DeviantART, I'm best known for my Flickr page:…
and for co-creating the Slenderman-vlog X Mandelbrot:…

I also have an out-of-game channel for original songs, remixes, and silly stuff ItSpinsWow…

For DA outtakes and other silly stuff, please refer to my Tumblr:

For opinions and short paragraphs about my continuing work, refer to my Twitter:

For remixes that my artwork sometime accompanies, my Soundcloud:…

For information regarding my remixes, my wordpress:

Current Residence: A secret laboratory in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Heck if I know! What's the size for underweight teenagers?
Print preference: I don't usually buy stuff off DA
Favourite genre of music: Alternative rock, post punk, modern alternative pop, 80s new wave, punk, britpop, indie, jpop, post rock. I also like some ambient and experimental.
Favourite photographer: Margaret Bourke White, Nick DeWolf, my Dad, my sort-of-kind-of uncle, Troy Paiva.
Favourite style of art: Manga/anime, photography, various kinds of graphic design,
Operating System: A 2007 MacBook and a 2010 MacBook Pro
MP3 player of choice: iPod Classic
Shell of choice: I dunno
Wallpaper of choice: High-quality pictures of album covers, skyscrapers, and interesting landscapes.
Skin of choice: I am so confused to what this question means. So, skin that isn't riddled with acne?
Favourite cartoon character: Rin Okumura, and the goddamned Batman!
Personal Quote: 1:"Skulls are funny because everybody has one. And those who don't? Well, they die, as is proper." and 2:"People do things for all different reasons. I design album covers because it's goddamn hilarious."



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